Creating Opportunities…Creating Futures

Sheridan College students are very fortunate to have great support from donors.  For the 2014-2015 year the Sheridan College Foundation awarded 756 scholarships totaling $699,695.  These scholarships were provided by a variety of generous donors, from individuals to corporations to Foundations, with some gifts dating back to 1956.  Thank you to our loyal donors!

The Sheridan College Foundation handles over one hundred and seventy scholarships with a wide variety of qualifications, including but not limited to: art, construction, dental hygiene, nursing, machine tooling, engineering, music, scholastic achievement, non-traditional students, veterans and more.  The Sheridan College Financial Aid office works with the Sheridan College Foundation to match scholarships with qualifying students. Interested students have to apply for the scholarships through the Sheridan College Financial Aid office.

Click Here for information about applying for scholarships to Sheridan College and an approximate list of current scholarships available.

The following are testimonials from grateful current and past Sheridan College Foundation scholarship recipients:

“Since being awarded the Scholarship, my goals are starting to feel like they are achievable. I am committed to my education, and am one step closer to becoming a Massage Therapist.” – John F. & Mary A. Lewis Scholarship recipient

“I appreciate your belief in my dreams and your generous contribution to achieve them. I am excited to move forward with my education and look forward to helping others along the way.” –  Susan Patton Fletcher Memorial Scholarship recipient

“This scholarship assists my family of 6 in continuing my work towards my Bachelor’s Degree while also working full time as a deputy in our community. Again, I want to share my sincere appreciation for this opportunity to ease the stresses that come with returning to school.” –  Genevieve A Batty Memorial Scholarship recipient

“Fortunately there are people like you who value music so much that you are willing to give a kid that you may never meet, the money necessary to study music with brilliant professors and high-end equipment. I feel so lucky that you choose to use your money the way you do. Thank you.” – Gib Leibinger Memorial Performing Arts Scholarship recipient

“Having left military service with a disability, I find it difficult to continue working in a field where I have experience. Going back to school will allow me to start a new career and your scholarship definitely helped me start this new chapter of my life. I am grateful to you.” –  Joe & Arlene Watt Superior Student Scholarship recipient

“When I begin my career as a registered nurse, I hope to make a difference in people’s lives, the same way you have made a difference in mine.” –  Harriet St. Clair Thorne-Rider II Scholarship recipient


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