Whitney Academic Center

Sheridan College opened the doors to the new Edward A. Whitney Academic Center in the fall of 2013. This building provides new space for updated classrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories.  The long planned-for project gathered momentum several years ago when the Wyoming Legislature approved 50 percent funding for a new academic building at Sheridan College.  The $7.5 million from the state required local matching funds, and Whitney Benefits generously offered to provide the $7.7 million match needed.

The result is a new 35,000 square foot building that has been added to the front of the existing Whitney Building, as well as 18,000 square feet of remodeled space in the existing Whitney Building.  The new and renovated space is designed for student success and replaces outdated classrooms with collaboration spaces and learning laboratories that enhance learning opportunities.  The entire student experience has been improved with welcoming and gathering spaces, co-located student services offices and a new front door for the entire campus. In addition, the new building allows room to display a replica of an Allosaurus, a dinosaur whose almost complete skull, toe, scapula and femur have been discovered locally.

“Teaching and learning has changed significantly over the last fifty years,”  said Sheridan College President Paul Young.  “In order to deliver education, and meet the expectations of the diverse audiences we serve, we must create new and unique spaces that foster collaboration.  This center will forever change the landscape of Sheridan College today, just like it did in 1959.  Once again, we have Edward A. Whitney, along with our State Legislature, to thank.”




The new Edward A. Whitney Academic Center

Entrance to the Administrative Area



Inside the Atrium

The Sheridan College Bookstore and Cafe in the new Edward A. Whitney Academic Center

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