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At Sheridan College, we are proud of every student. The Distinguished Alumni awards give us an opportunity to profile students who have gone on to “do well” in the world, and who have remembered Sheridan College along the way.  The awards go to alumni who have completed at least 30 credit hours at Sheridan College or earned an associate’s degree, or a certificate of completion in a non-degree program. Honorees have demonstrated achievement in their chosen profession, service to the community, or outstanding contribution to Sheridan College.

 Sharon Elwood 2017 Distinguished Alum

Sharon ElwoodWhether it’s woodworking or welding in her spare time, spending time with her parents or children and grandchildren, or working on mapping intricate data about the Northern Wyoming Community College District, Sheridan College’s 2017 Distinguished Alumni Sharon Elwood has always given the task at hand her all.  Most recently, Sharon served as Dean of Enrollment Services for Sheridan and Gillette Colleges, from August of 2010 until her retirement this spring. 

“Sharon is one of the chief reasons that the college is as successful as we are today,” Dr. Paul Young, NWCCD President, says. “Over many years, her non-stop energy and passion for students has powered positive change to improve our systems for recruiting, registering, advising and numerous other areas as well.” (Read More)

Barb Williams 2016 Distinguished Alum

BarbWilliams2Sheridan College President Dr. Paul Young announced his approval of the Sheridan College Alumni Committee’s recommendation of Barb Williams as the 2015-2016 Sheridan College Distinguished Alum.

Co-nominators Erin Nitschke and Matt Hammer stated, “It is with great pleasure we nominate Barb Williams. Barb, known to many as the ‘Dome Mom’, is an individual who has continuously and tirelessly devoted her personal and professional life to Sheridan College. Being able to work directly with her in the athletic department, we are amazed at the daily impact she has not only on the other employees of Sheridan College, but more importantly the young students that call this campus home. Her positive energy and enthusiasm for this school is both infectious and extremely admirable to the people that are lucky enough to be around her.”  (Read More)

Ken Thorpe 2015 Distinguished Alum

KenThorpe_smSheridan College President Dr. Paul Young announced his approval of the Sheridan College Alumni Committee’s recommendation of Ken Thorpe as the 2014-2015 Sheridan College Distinguished Alum.

Amy Albrecht nominated Ken Thorpe and had this to say, “Ken demonstrates an absolute dedication to community service. And when I say dedication, I mean it in the purest sense of the word.  Ken Thorpe is far too much of a perfectionist and hard worker to become involved in anything to which he is not 100% devoted.”  (Read More)

Dr. Karmen Kirtley 2014 Distinguished Alum

karmenSheridan College President Dr. Paul Young announced the approval of Dr. Karmen Kirtley as the 2013-2014 Sheridan College Distinguished Alum.  Ron Krikac nominated Dr. Kirtley and explained, “I have known Karmen since 1996, when she enrolled in the Public Speaking class I taught.  She has since become a loyal friend and trusted colleague for whom I have deep admiration.”

Dr. Karmen Kirtley began her work at Sheridan College in the early 1980s, taking a number of photography classes.  She enrolled full-time in 1996-97 to pursue an A.A. degree. (Read More)

Ryan Mulholland 2013 Distinguished Alum


Sheridan College President Dr. Paul Young announced his approval of the Sheridan College Alumni Committee’s recommendation of Ryan Mulholland as the 2012-2013 Sheridan College Distinguished Alum.

Ron Krikac nominated Ryan and had this to say; “I have known and admired Ryan for sixteen years, during which time I taught him in several college courses, coached his work with the Speech and Debate Team, and watched him grow from a college freshman to a successful businessman and outstanding community leader. (Read More)


The Honorable Fred Dollison 2012 Distinguished Alum

freddollisonThe Honorable Fred Dollison, Judge of Wyoming’s 6th Judicial District, is an outstanding credit to Sheridan College.  He intuitively combines compassion with objectivity in his adherence to the law, revealing his respect both for others and for laws which must be applied dispassionately to all.  He is proof that Sheridan College can attract and educate the best and the brightest, remarked Lynn Mavrakis.

(Read More)


Robin Duncan 2011 Distinguished Alum

robinduncanSheridan College President Dr. Paul Young announced his approval of the Sheridan College Alumni Advisory Committee’s recommendation of Robin Duncan as the 2011 Sheridan College Distinguished Alum.  In 1990 Robin enrolled in nursing at Sheridan College, graduated with her Associate’s Degree, and continued her nursing education with a Bachelors of Science in nursing from the University of Wyoming, a Masters of Science in Nursing and ultimately, a Post Masters of Science as a Family Nurse Practitioner.
(Read More)


Ryan Wright 2010 Distinguished Alum

ryanwrightSheridan College Interim President Dr. Jon Connolly announced his approval of the SC Alumni Advisory Committee’s recommendation of Ryan Wright as the 2010 Sheridan College Distinguished Alum.

Ryan Wright began attending Sheridan College at 14 and is the youngest person to graduate from SC at age 17.  Ryan didn’t stop there; he was elected Trustee of Northern Wyoming Community College Board, 2004-05.  (Read More)


Val Burgess 2009 Distinguished Alum

valburgessVal Burgess has been a Sheridan College student, instructor and supporter. Val earned her first degree from Sheridan in 1974 with an Associate’s of Natural Science. In 1976, she added an Associate’s of Dental Hygiene degree. During her time at Sheridan College, Val was a cheerleader, a Homecoming Queen, a member of student council and yearbook editor. Val’s roommate, Jan Quarterman remembers “Val was always an independent thinker who never followed the crowd but “took the road less traveled.” She is creative, ambitious, enthusiastic, upbeat and always a pleasure to be around.”  (Read More)


Maurice Campbell 2008 Distinguished Alum

Maurice CampbellMaurice Campbell, 2008 Distinguished Alumnus was a student of Sheridan College’s first class in 1948-50. During his commencement address he reminded graduates that “there is no substitute for hard work” and encouraged them to “take risks, but without being reckless”.

Campbell attended the University of Wyoming before being drafted into the U.S. Army, in August 1951. He served in Army Counter Intelligence studying counter subversion and counter espionage while stationed in Germany until July 1953.
(Read More)


Charlene Bodine 2007 Distinguished Alum

charlenebodineCharlene believes wholeheartedly in the power of education. “I’m big on education; I don’t think people can ever have enough.  That’s why Dick (husband) and I started our scholarship fund eleven years ago – to help students succeed. My motivation for becoming a donor was my experience at Sheridan College – it was the most wonderful thing for me and my family. Giving back is pretty great, too!”

(Read More)


Patricia Garber Mahon, PhD 2006 Distinguished Alum

mahon“Pat is a strong advocate for the students; she has excellent skills in student services management, outstanding interpersonal skills and exceptional interest, enthusiasm and intelligence” said Judy Garber who nominated her as the 2006 Sheridan College Distinguished Alum.

In 2005 Dr. Mahon was involved in and developed two successful grants for the students at South Dakota School of Mines: one for staffing and resources for Alcohol education and prevention and the other for a counselor position for Suicide awareness and prevention efforts. (Read More)

Judi Harbel Adams 2005 Distinguished Alum

judyadamsJudi Harbel Adams was the guest speaker at the Foundations annual Creating Opportunities… Creating Futures, a scholarship donor and student recipient recognition held on campus October 2009. In 2008 Judy established a scholarship in honor of her father, Charles A. Harbel, “if Charlie were here and asked what he wanted his legacy to be, he would’ve responded, to help someone attend college that might not otherwise be able to.” The family chose Sheridan College because it is accessible and has a great Agriculture Department. All three Harbel children attended Sheridan College and Judi graduated in 1968 with an Associate’s Degree. (Read More)

Frankie Gillen Gibbs 2004 Distinguished Alum

frankiegillengibbsAlthough she has traveled extensively for work and pleasure, she and her husband have always considered themselves from Wyoming, “we just happen to be living somewhere else right now.” One of her favorite quotes paraphrases a popular book title – “Almost everything I ever needed to know, I learned at Sheridan College – or while I was scuba diving!” The family has established two scholarships at Sheridan College the Frankie Gillen Gibbs Health Occupations Scholarship and the Dorothy Halsted Gibbs Scholarship. (Read more)

Paula L. Wagoner, PhD 2003 Distinguished Alum

wagonerAs a tenured professor at Juniata College, Paula has come full circle. She sums it “it was at Sheridan College that I began, as a middle-aged woman, lacking self-confidence, my journey toward a fulfilling profession that has been all I had dreamed of and more.”

Her time at Sheridan College was spent learning about the real value of an education.  College provides tools necessary for individuals to access and analyze information that we must be able to grapple with in a rational way.  “Sheridan College provided me with the opportunity to decide what I wanted to do and how to go about working towards that end.” (Read More)

Dave Hofmeier 2002 Distinguished Alum

hofmeierDave has this to say about Sheridan College (May 2002). “Sheridan College opened my eyes to the possibilities that were available. The smaller, more personal contact with instructors helped me to become a better rounded person. By having an excellent opportunity for education in our community I was able to finish school, work, and raise my family…..without leaving the community.”

Dave Hofmeier graduated from Sheridan College 1991 with a degree in Police Science.
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Joyce Barlow Reddy, RDH 2001 Distinguished Alum

reedyHer memories of Sheridan College, as well as the community of Sheridan, bring smiles of joy.

“I made the decision to get an education to better my life. After getting to Sheridan from Southeast CO and establishing friends, the two years there were a time of growth and strengthening as an individual. Little did I know it was the springboard to an exciting journey.”

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Dr. Shirley Jackson Heckman 2000 Distinguished Alum

heckmanUpon the occasion of her retirement in 1988 D. Campbell Wyckoff, Princeton Theological Seminary, said of Shirley Heckman:

“As a person, you have taught us to grow, beginning on that remote Montana ranch, becoming learned in the most profound sense, and taking national and international leadership while staying one with your roots.”

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Colonel Michael Wells 1999 Distinguished Alum


Colonel Michael Wells attended Sheridan College on a basketball scholarship from 1977-1979, playing for Coach Bruce Hoffman. “Coach Hoffman is a man that I have the utmost respect and admiration for. He’s a person who taught ethics, courage and determination to the players that attended Sheridan College.”

After graduating from Sheridan College, Colonel Wells attended and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. He earned a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law and a Master of Science degree in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College.     (Read More)

Frank and Phyllis Rotellini 1998 Distinguished Alumni

rotellinisFrank and Phyllis Rotellini were honored as the First Distinguished Alumni.

“I cannot express how much Sheridan College has meant to us, said Frank; it was an avenue of development to begin to recognize the opportunity that is available in the world.”

(Read More)



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